Dealing With Pain Management Options

Pain is very common when you experience an injury. When you know the pain will lessen, that’s helpful, however you might need to consider orthopedic options to get you by until your injury has healed. There are many different management choices that depend on your type of injury, your doctor’s recommendations, and what you want to do. Here are a few that might be helpful as you move forward in your recovery. 

Pain Medication

One of the things doctors might recommend to help you get through the early stages of your recovery is pain medication. Whether you have had surgery on the area or you are dealing with a lot of pain, medication can help dull that feeling. You will want to be careful in following the doses you are prescribed because some of these prescriptions can be very powerful. As the pain eases, the doses should as well so you can taper off the medicine and start to ease back into your everyday life.


Shots can be administered to help with pain, depending on the area you are dealing with. You might get an epidural shot to curb pain in your back or a cortisol shot in the knee to get you by until you can have surgery. These shots are generally temporary forms of relief that can help you get through the pain, further recovery, or get you by until you are ready for surgery.

Physical Therapy

Sometimes, after you have broken a bone or had surgery to repair an area, you will be stiff and lack mobility in that region, which can be painful. One of the best ways to address that at certain times is through physical therapy. You can visit a therapist, get exercises you need, practice at home, and get back to your mobile ways through the use of these exercises. You might see slow progress at first, but when you look at the big picture, the therapy is worth the effort.

Choosing Pain Management

These are just a few of the forms of pain management available in orthopedics. You will have to work with your doctor to find the right answer for you. It’s possible that you will use more than one at a time. For example, you might have physical therapy after a shot or you might use medication in addition to therapy. You and your doctor can try different combinations until you find relief as you recover from your injury.

Getting Help With Pain Management

If you are in pain, that’s no way to live, but the specialists at Sports & Spine Orthopaedics can help. With excellent diagnostic and surgical skills along with the top education and training, the unique specialists focus on individual clients with customized care to bring you the highest quality recovery you can get with pain management throughout your experience.

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