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Back and neck issues can be really inconvenient and cause a lot of pain. They can impede on your goals, keep you from tasks at work, prevent you from being active, affect your mobility, and more. While these issues can be frustrating, it is important to know that there is a solution. Don’t give up. Relief is closer than you think. Our expert spine, back, and neck doctor is ready and eager to lend a helping hand to get you back to your best self. We can diagnose, treat your condition, and help you obtain a full and quick recovery.

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Conditions Treated by Our Spine, Back & Neck Doctor

No one should have to suffer through excruciating and exhausting back and neck pain. Don’t prolong how you are feeling. Seek out treatment for your symptoms and condition from our skilled spine, back, and neck doctor. Our spine, back, and neck doctor can help determine and treat your condition as well as many others, from strains and pinched nerves to herniated discs and spine fractures. We also treat conditions like scoliosis, spinal stenosis, and degenerative disc disease. Talk to our specialist to determine the best treatment option for your condition. See more injuries we can treat below.

Back strain

Degenerative disc disease

Neck strain






Nerve compression

Failed back surgery


Failed neck surgery


Sacro-iliac joint pain

Slipped disc

Compression fracture

Neck pain

Back pain

Spine, Back & Neck Treatments We Offer

For the best in spine, back, and neck treatments, go with the most viable option for you. Without a doubt, we believe that it’s the specialists in the South Bay. We offer both operative and nonoperative treatments to improve your health and promote a more positive mentality. No one deserves to suffer from back or neck pain, so it is important for us to offer our patients a variety of treatments using advanced technology and techniques. It is our goal to ensure they get better soon and can return to a more comfortable and active lifestyle.

Non Operative Spine, Back & Neck Treatments

Our doctors seek to treat all injuries non-operatively as a first-line treatment. This helps promote faster recovery to bring you back to an active lifestyle.

Operative Spine, Back & Neck Treatments

When surgery is needed, we achieve excellent results through less invasive procedures, advanced surgical technique, and comprehensive rehab.


Minimally Invasive Spine Surgery

Biologic injections


Chiropractic treatment




Cortisone injections



Artificial disc replacement

Pain management

TLIF (Transforaminal lumbar interbody fusion)

Physical therapy

XLIF (eXtreme lateral lumbar interbody fusion)

ALIF (Anterior lumbar interbody fusion)




Posterior cervical fusion

SI joint fusion

Scoliosis surgery

Minimally Invasive Spine Surgery

Minimally invasive spine surgery is a favorable alternative to traditional open spine surgery. With minimally invasive surgery, procedures can be performed through a small incision with precision. Compared to traditional open spine surgery, minimally invasive spine surgery offers the following advantages:

  • Smaller incisions with less scarring
  • Less damage to surrounding muscles and tissue
  • Less post-surgical pain
  • Easier recovery
  • Less risk for blood loss and infection

Why Choose Sports & Spine

A notoriously troublesome joint, shoulders require superior care from doctors that are extremely educated, experienced, and understanding. At Sports & Spine, we've treated innumerable patients' shoulder injuries and conditions, ranging in severity from mild to long-lasting and chronic. Our medical professionals recognize how frustrating shoulder pain may be, and it can certainly interrupt your daily tasks and quality of life. While common, every injury and each patient is unique, and Sports & Spine creates treatment plans that are specific to your situation. We're skilled in diagnosis and treatment, and always apply non-invasive options first in order to make your recovery as fast as possible. When surgery is necessary, our shoulder orthopedists utilize cutting-edge, advanced surgical techniques that achieve notably excellent results. Whether non-operative or surgical is the best route for you, your aftercare will include comprehensive rehabilitation. The goal of our doctors is to heal your injury or condition for good, so you can always do the things you love. The shoulder doctors of Sports & Spine have received training at some of the top orthopedic institutions across the world. You can rest assured that you'll be receiving the best treatment possible from doctors who truly care, from diagnosis to completion of your treatment.

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Spine, Back & Neck Doctors You Can Trust

At our treatment center, your health is in our hands and we wouldn’t have it any other way. The back and neck doctors at Sports & Spine Orthopaedics are board-certified in orthopedics and performing surgical procedures. They have completed their education and training at top orthopedic institutions across the world. Each doctor possesses great dexterity and proficiency, so you can be confident in their ability to provide exceptional service. Begin your treatment and recovery journey with the doctors in the South Bay. Together, they will ensure you receive a level of care that is unsurpassed.

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