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Elbow pain is caused by a number of things. It can be a consequence of repetitive movement, often from sports, exercise, jobs, housework, and more. Many athletes who play golf or tennis experience elbow pain. You can also endure elbow pain from an accidental injury. Whatever the cause, conditions associated with elbow pain bring discomfort and hinder people’s usual activities and routines. There’s no reason to let your elbow pain stop you from living your day to day. With a diagnosis and treatment from a high-quality elbow doctor, you’ll be making that par, throwing that ball, or painting that wall as soon as possible.

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Conditions Treated by Our Elbow Doctor

Tennis elbow? Golfer’s elbow? Elbow dislocation? Rupture or fracture? There are many different types of elbow conditions people may suffer from as a result of sports, daily activities, or other health problems. Our expert elbow doctor can treat these injuries as well as degenerative conditions like elbow arthritis. With innovative treatments, valuable resources, and hands-on expertise from our specialists, you’ll be able to recover faster from your condition, allowing you to get back to what you love sooner. Let us help you eliminate your pain and discomfort. Find a list of other injuries we treat below.

Biceps tendon rupture

Cubital tunnel syndrome

Elbow arthritis

Elbow dislocation

Lateral epicondylitis (tennis elbow)

Medial epicondylitis (golfer’s elbow)

Olecranon bursitis

Olecranon fracture

Radial head/neck fracture

Triceps tendon rupture

Elbow Treatments We Provide

Don’t limit the mobility of your elbow. Seek out treatment to improve your range of motion, treat your symptoms, and heal your overall condition. Our elbow treatments span from operative to nonoperative. When it comes to treating elbow conditions, you can trust that our exceptional elbow doctors in the South Bay will work to ease your pain and suffering. Our treatment center uses the latest technology and advanced medical techniques. We prioritize your health. It is our goal to help you recover safely, effectively, and faster than you would with any other surgeon, because we understand how important your elbow is for functioning on a day to day basis.

Non Operative Elbow Treatments

Our doctors seek to treat all injuries non-operatively as a first-line treatment. This helps promote faster recovery to bring you back to an active lifestyle.

Operative Elbow Treatments

When surgery is needed, we achieve excellent results through less invasive procedures, advanced surgical technique, and comprehensive rehab.

Biologic injections

Elbow arthroscopy

Cortisone injections

Elbow bursectomy


Fracture fixation

Physical therapy

Nerve decompression


Tendon repair

Why Choose Sports & Spine

A notoriously troublesome joint, shoulders require superior care from doctors that are extremely educated, experienced, and understanding. At Sports & Spine, we've treated innumerable patients' shoulder injuries and conditions, ranging in severity from mild to long-lasting and chronic. Our medical professionals recognize how frustrating shoulder pain may be, and it can certainly interrupt your daily tasks and quality of life. While common, every injury and each patient is unique, and Sports & Spine creates treatment plans that are specific to your situation. We're skilled in diagnosis and treatment, and always apply non-invasive options first in order to make your recovery as fast as possible. When surgery is necessary, our shoulder orthopedists utilize cutting-edge, advanced surgical techniques that achieve notably excellent results. Whether non-operative or surgical is the best route for you, your aftercare will include comprehensive rehabilitation. The goal of our doctors is to heal your injury or condition for good, so you can always do the things you love. The shoulder doctors of Sports & Spine have received training at some of the top orthopedic institutions across the world. You can rest assured that you'll be receiving the best treatment possible from doctors who truly care, from diagnosis to completion of your treatment.

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Elbow Doctors You Can Trust

When considering an elbow doctor for your elbow condition, look no further than the board-certified physicians at Sports & Spine Orthopaedics. With their education, experience, and extensive training at orthopedic institutions throughout the world, you can be confident that you are receiving the best in quality and in-depth care. They specialize in performing safe and effective elbow treatments so that you can be relieved of your pain and get back in the game. Go with someone you can trust. Choose the accelerated and efficient track for recovery with the expert elbow doctors in the South Bay.

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