Consulting With A Sports Medicine Specialist

There are many different kinds of medical professionals within the industry and when you have a problem that needs to be addressed, you want to visit with the right specialist. Most people automatically gravitate toward their general practitioner and that’s a good place to start. But sometimes, a specialist is necessary and you might need a sports medicine specialist.

What Is A Sports Medicine Specialist?

Sports medicine specialists are physicians that treat injuries that are sustained due to physical activity. Yes, they treat athletes, but they also treat people on all different levels. They might treat active adults who got injured running or biking, or they might treat someone who sustained an injury doing intramural sports.

Common Symptoms That Require A Specialist

These specialists see a lot of exercise and physical activity related injuries and they can also help with chronic pain due to past injuries. Many athletes enlist their help to prevent injuries and enhance performance as well. However, if you have any of the following symptoms, your doctor might send you to a sports medicine specialist.

Knee Issues

If your knees are swollen, locked, irritated, or if you experience pain under the kneecap, you might need help a specialist can provide. When you put weight on that joint, if you have trouble walking or are in pain, it’s good to get things checked over.

Shoulder Problems

When you put a shirt on, or try to take one off, if you have pain in the shoulder area, you might need a specialist’s help. If you have pain when you lie on that side or when you are doing everyday activities, you should address the problem.

Hip Trouble

If you are in pain when you lift your legs and the pain is sharp or radiating, a sports medicine specialist could help. If you hear snapping in your hip or it sometimes locks into place, those are other reasons to reach out.

Leg Issues

If your Achilles tendon is painful to the touch or downright numb, something is getting pinched and the specialist can get to the bottom of the problem. If you tear a hamstring or have shin splints, they can help with that as well.

Fractures, Sprains And Strains

Any time you break a bone or sprain or strain a muscle, you can get help from a sports medicine specialist to recover faster and with more mobility options.

Getting The Sports Medicine Specialist You Need

These are just a few of the things sports medicine specialists address on a regular basis. The professionals include trained surgeons, physicians, athletes, and therapists. Their team approach to helping you get back up and back into your beloved physical activities can only progress your recovery. With specialized education and training in therapeutic and medical aspects of recovery, these doctors understand the injuries you present. Injuries can be devastating to someone who likes to stay active and the sports medicine specialists at Sports & Spine Orthopaedics can help you reach your goals through effective, safe, comprehensive care.

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