Knee replacement surgery is a common procedure for senior citizens, and the most common age or patients needing this is 69 years old. Women are slightly more susceptible to needing this procedure than men.

Being fit and healthy helps to reduce the chance of surgery but some fitness fanatics will still require surgery.
Actress Jane Fonda had knee replacement surgery a few years ago, as did Liza Minnelli and tennis legend Billie Jean King. Both of them have resumed healthy, active lives.

During total knee replacement surgery the lateral and medial compartments are replaced and the patella may be resurfaced if deemed necessary

We don’t think much about our knees until they start to give us trouble. They are subjected to a lot of wear and tear throughout our lives so it’s not surprising that knee replacement surgery is one of the most common orthopaedic procedures.

Knee replacement surgery infographic

10 facts about knee replacement surgery that you should know:

knee replacement surgery infographic. 10 facts about knee surgery
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