Miriam V. Rancho Palos Verdes, CA

I saw two other SouthBay knee specialists, who could find no cause for my knee problems (swelling, soreness) and went thru two different rounds of Physical Therapy and cortisone injection with no improvement. Consulted with Dr Borden for a 3rd opinion — he was first doctor to really listen to my symptoms and actually touch my knee vs merely look at X-rays and MRI. I undertook his recommendation for arthroscopic knee surgery and am delighted with results. Turns out that I have osteoarthritis (which other doctors told me I didn’t have) and meniscus tears. After 3 months of excellent PT with his staff, my knee is definitely improved More importantly, I now understand my knee condition, how to care for it, and can continue an active and vigorous lifestyle. Thank you Dr Borden and outstanding staff