Reginald G.

I broke my hand while on vacation. I went to the ER, out of state, had X-rays made and discovered the fracture in my hand. They put my hand in an emergency wrap so that I could make it back home safely. I made an appointment through Zocdoc with Dr. Borden for exactly one week later. The receptionist called to confirm my slot the morning of and even jumped through hoops with the hospital to get my x-rays in advance. Their attempts were unsuccessful, but as soon as I got there they x-rayed my hand after a 10 minute wait and the doctor spoke with me five minutes later. At first he was going to put me in a split, but then he took a second look and said, “I actually want you to go to a hand specialists…I’m an expert and knees and shoulders and this is just so close to your joint that I don’t want to risk it. I’m sending you to a friend of mine and we’re going to squeeze you in right now.” That man is awesome and saved me from a lifetime of pain. I ended up getting surgery. If he hadn’t been honest and a good decision maker, then I would be giving an opposite review. He’s a keeper!